Short Film Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts Now Available Online

Anyone can now watch my short film, Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts, here.

The film premiered at the Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination in Paris on February 7th, 2019. It was part of the festival “KEMBARA: Adventures in the Artistic Landscape of South East Asia” curated by Tash Aw. I am grateful for the support from Tash and the institute.

The film was also an official selection at four international film festivals and won the February 2019 Best Sci-fi Short and Best Actress (for Kamolsuang Aksharanugraha) awards at the Global Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles.

Thanks to Moscow Shorts International Film FestivalIndependent Talents International Film FestivalAround Films International Film Festival AmsterdamWeird Wednesday, and of course Global Film Festival Awards, for watching the film and for the support.

The project could not have been made without the generosity of my old and new friends: brilliant cinematographer Chananun Chotrungroj (who shot my first feature, “Motel Mist”), Chantana Tiprachart (assistance in all things), Tippawan Roomfour (who introduced me to the wonderful main cast, Kamolsuang Aksharanugraha and Gandhi​ Wasuvitchayagit), Phil Chapavich Temnitikul (music), Yo Thanissorn and his art team), Monkum Khukhuntin, 9HQ design (editing and effects), Lee Chatametikool and his White Light Post team (post-production), Rit Kalayanamitr (sound design), Anuwat Amnajkasem (production manager), and many more.

Please enjoy!

Bangkok Breaking Official Poster | Teaser | Release Date

I am excited to share the latest updates on Bangkok Breaking มหานครเมืองลวง, the new Thai Netflix series on which I had the opportunity to work as executive producer and co-writer! The six-episode crime thriller will be available in 190 countries on September 23rd, 2021. I joined the online press event to announce the release date, share the first teaser, and give interviews a few days ago, along with our director, Kongkiat Khomsiri, and talented lead actors, Sushar Manaying and Weir Sukollawat Kanaros. It was such a thrill to be able to finally start talking about what we’ve been working on over the past year.

Here is the official poster.

Here is the first teaser:

Can’t wait to watch Bangkok Breaking มหานครเมืองลวง with everyone on September 23rd! See you then.

Laureate of the 2021 Fukuoka Prize (Arts and Culture)

It is a great honor to be given the 2021 Arts and Culture Fukuoka Prize. I am honestly baffled by this, as I never think of what I do as worthy of any prestigious praise.

I am the ninth Thai recipient of the award, and completely amazed to find myself among such distinguished names as Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Nidhi Eoseewong, Pasuk Phongpaichit, Charnvit Kasetsiri. In this class, I am a clown at best, but a proud clown.

This is not a good year to celebrate personal accomplishments, as so many people are struggling and suffering. However, I must express my gratitude to the Fukuoka Prize, for seeing some value in my work, and congratulate Mr. Palagummi Sainath and Prof. Kishimoto Mio for their accomplishment. It is an honor to share the event with them.

I cannot stress enough the fact that I owe everything that’s positive in my career to everyone who has supported my work throughout the years. I am at heart deeply lazy, habitually drawn to silly and frivolous matters; it is only because I feel that my readers and viewers deserve better that I try my best to make things with some substance and continue to try. I hope sometimes I succeed at offering moments of delight to those who give me a chance.

Please find my expression of gratitude (in Thai with Japanese subtitles) on the Fukuoka Prize YouTube channel.

Read more about the 2021 Fukuoka Prize laureates on the Fukuoka Prize official website. Details about the online ceremony (September 29) and the laureates’ public lectures should be available on the website.

Thank you.

Showrunner of Netflix’s Second Thai Original Series BANGKOK BREAKING

I am currently working on Netflix’s second Thai original series (The Stranded was the first) entitled Bangkok Breaking. Obviously, this is an exciting experience and a wonderful opportunity in itself, but for me it’s especially thrilling for the fact that I get to see so many incredible Thai professionals at work. In terms of talents, the team is made up of crème de la crème in the Thai film industry. I am probably the least experienced in the gang, and as showrunner/executive producer I feel humbled by it all. I’ve been learning a lot from my colleagues and I genuinely feel we have very strong work in our hands so far.

I can’t say much more, since we are still in production, but here’s the official press release from Netflix about Bangkok Breaking:

BANGKOK, 26 October, 2020 —  Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, today announced its second Thai original series – Bangkok Breaking. The series will debut exclusively on Netflix with Prabda Yoon (Someone from NowhereInvisible WavesLast Life in the Universe) as executive producer and Kongkiat Komesiri (SliceMuay Thai FighterKhunpan) as director.

Bangkok Breaking is a fast-paced action-thriller drama centered around the wild world of Bangkok’s road rescue services and Wanchai who is newly arrived in Bangkok and must unravel a city-wide conspiracy alongside a young, upstart journalist.“I follow and enjoy many Netflix movies and series. That’s why I am excited to work with Netflix directly, but what I’m most excited about is taking part in showcasing Thai talent and creativity on a global platform. The opportunity to work with so many skilled and experienced Thai people from the industry is really impressive; and Netflix partnering with Thai producers can only benefit our work and inspire the creative community,” said showrunner and executive producer Prabda Yoon. 

“Bangkok Breaking is a series that serves all tastes, with action, excitement, drama and romance, appealing to a wide audience across Asia and, I hope, internationally. With the full support of Netflix we can realise our vision for this series; I am excited, honored and incredibly proud to work with a global platform like Netflix. I’ve amassed over 20 years of experience in film making, collecting every technique for this moment, and today I have the opportunity  to show that Thai content has what it takes to capture the interest of audiences around the world. I promise to give my absolute best to delight our audience,” said director Kongkiat Komesiri.

Bangkok Breaking gripped us the instant we read the script. Our second Thai original is a special story that Thai audiences will truly enjoy, providing a unique point of view of life in one of the world’s best known and loved cities. We’re excited to support more great stories from this vibrant and very talented community,” said Myleeta Aga, Director of Content for Southeast Asia and Australia  at Netflix.

This action-thriller drama will be produced by Production Playground. Create Asia 360’s Rehan Malik and Clayton Fitts co-created the series and will executive produce.

All 6 episodes of Bangkok Breaking will premiere exclusively on Netflix in 2021 to its members in over 190 countries.

About Bangkok Breaking Bangkok Breaking is a gripping, character-driven drama centred on Wanchai, who moves to Bangkok to save his family from poverty. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Wanchai joins a local ambulance foundation and is quickly pulled into the mysterious high-stakes world of the rescue services. Desperate for justice and answers, Wanchai realises he must unravel a city-wide conspiracy with the help of a determined female journalist.

There have been and will be challenges in making this series, especially because of the ongoing pandemic we’re all facing, but I am hopeful and I very much look forward to sharing Bangkok Breaking with the world later this year.

See the Thai report and some more photos of the cast on the day of the official opening ceremony here.

Report on Transmissions

I am happy to report that so far my short film “Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts” has been an official selection at four international film festivals and won the February 2019 Best Sci-fi Short and Best Actress (for Kamolsuang Aksharanugraha) awards at the Global Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles. Our little team is so thrilled by all of this.

We’d like to thank Moscow Shorts International Film Festival, Independent Talents International Film Festival, Around Films International Film Festival Amsterdam, Weird Wednesday, and of course Global Film Festival Awards, for watching our film and giving us incredible support.

The film is still traveling to many other festivals, so hopefully there will be more good news to report in the near future.

Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts

My new short film, “Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts” (“วงโคจรของความทรงจำ”), will have its premiere at the Columbia Institute of Ideas and Imagination in Paris on February 7th. The screening is part of the festival “KEMBARA: Adventures in the Artistic Landscape of South East Asia” curated by Tash Aw. I am grateful for the invitation and the support from Tash and the institute. Also, the film could not have been made so smoothly without the generosity of my old and new friends: brilliant cinematographer Chananun Chotrungroj (who shot my first feature, “Motel Mist”), Chantana Tiprachart (assistance in all things), Tippawan Roomfour (who introduced me to the wonderful main cast, Kamolsuang Aksharanugraha and Gandhi​ Wasuvitchayagit), Phil Chapavich Temnitikul (music), Yo Thanissorn and his art team), Monkum Khukhuntin, 9HQ design (editing and effects), Lee Chatametikool and his White Light Post team (postproduction), Rit Kalayanamitr (sound design), Anuwat Amnajkasem (production manager), and many more. Thank you!

The Columbia Institute of Ideas and Imagination is at the Reid Hall in Montparnasse. The screening will be at 7 PM. For more information and updates please follow the institute’s Facebook page.

หนังสั้นเรื่องใหม่ของผม (หลังจากไม่ได้ทำหนังสั้นมานานมากกก) ชื่อ “วงโคจรของความทรงจำ” หรือ “Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts” จะฉายเป็นครั้งแรกในกรุงปารีส วันที่ 7 ก.พ. นี้ เวลา 19.00 น. ณ สถาบัน Columbia Institute of Ideas and Imagination (กด link ไปเผจของสถาบันได้ด้านบนสำหรับข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม)


Someone from Nowhere

My second feature film, “Someone from Nowhere,” (“มา ณ ที่นี้” in Thai) has been officially selected to have its world premiere at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival, which takes place from October 25 to November 3, in Tokyo. The film is in the Asian Future section along with 9 other titles from other Asian countries. This is very exciting, not only because Japan has been a meaningful place for me over the years in many ways but also because it will be the first time a film of mine gets theatrical screenings at an Asian film festival.

The film will have two screenings, both followed by a Q & A session with me, and perhaps the actors if they’re available. Please check the screening schedules and other information regarding the festival at their website.

Here is the Tokyo version of the poster:

SFN Poster Inter

And the official poster for Thailand: