Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts

My new short film, “Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts” (“วงโคจรของความทรงจำ”), will have its premiere at the Columbia Institute of Ideas and Imagination in Paris on February 7th. The screening is part of the festival “KEMBARA: Adventures in the Artistic Landscape of South East Asia” curated by Tash Aw. I am grateful for the invitation and the support from Tash and the institute. Also, the film could not have been made so smoothly without the generosity of my old and new friends: brilliant cinematographer Chananun Chotrungroj (who shot my first feature, “Motel Mist”), Chantana Tiprachart (assistance in all things), Tippawan Roomfour (who introduced me to the wonderful main cast, Kamolsuang Aksharanugraha and Gandhi​ Wasuvitchayagit), Phil Chapavich Temnitikul (music), Yo Thanissorn and his art team), Monkum Khukhuntin, 9HQ design (editing and effects), Lee Chatametikool and his White Light Post team (postproduction), Rit Kalayanamitr (sound design), Anuwat Amnajkasem (production manager), and many more. Thank you!

The Columbia Institute of Ideas and Imagination is at the Reid Hall in Montparnasse. The screening will be at 7 PM. For more information and updates please follow the institute’s Facebook page.

หนังสั้นเรื่องใหม่ของผม (หลังจากไม่ได้ทำหนังสั้นมานานมากกก) ชื่อ “วงโคจรของความทรงจำ” หรือ “Transmissions of Unwanted Pasts” จะฉายเป็นครั้งแรกในกรุงปารีส วันที่ 7 ก.พ. นี้ เวลา 19.00 น. ณ สถาบัน Columbia Institute of Ideas and Imagination (กด link ไปเผจของสถาบันได้ด้านบนสำหรับข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม)







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