Typography Design for SOI BOOKS at the 2022 Tokyo Art Book Fair

If you like books and art and you happen to be in Tokyo or plan to visit Tokyo this October, you’d surely enjoy the Tokyo Art Book Fair that will take place from Oct 27-30 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT).

If you’re also interested in Thailand and Thai culture, then you’d really be happy to know that there will be a Thai stand called SOI BOOKS at the fair. I was asked to design a typographic image for their stand this year, and I am very glad they like the result.

The design is a composition of shapes resembling the Thai script in an abstract style. The combination of these shapes reads “Aan Mai” which means “read anew” or “re-read.” To re-read something is to allow for different or deeper understanding, to catch the nuances we may have missed upon the first reading. I have often found the act of re-reading to be rewarding.

Thank you, SOI BOOKS, for the opportunity to do this fun exercise.



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