Article on Bangkok’s Last Metal-Type Print Shop for Culture Trip

I wrote a feature article for Culture Trip, on the last 3 metal-type typesetters at Bangkok’s (and most likely Thailand’s) last metal-type letterpress print shop. The shop was already preparing to close when I visited and talked to the typesetters, and just a few weeks before this article was published it did.

I don’t have any information about the fate of the 3 typesetters, all of whom are over 60, but I believe another Bangkok print shop, Parppim, had purchased many of the old letterpress machines in order to preserve them.

Sirichai, 62, started working in print shops since he was eight.
A block for a page layout of Dhamma Pua Prachachon (Dharma for the People), the shop’s only client.
Thongkum, 74, working on her last assignment at her “station.”







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