(P): My Story Collection in Chinese

My first book translated into Chinese is available in Taiwan today, April 1st! It’s the same story collection that was translated into English as The Sad Part Was. This is all very exciting in itself, obviously, but there’s also something that sets this version of my story collection apart from the previous versions in other languages: the overall concept for the book.

The title, (P), is unusual. The publisher, Fever, told me they saw it as an abstract symbol, not a word. I was impressed with the decision to use this as the title as it felt so commercially risky. They say they are more interested in taking an approach that’s “different” rather than predictable. I really appreciate that spirit.

The design of the book is also abstract, using textured black paper and minimalistic elements to produce an object that is both elegant and mysterious to hold. The actual book slides out of a paper case with a cutout design that creates a subtle optical illusion. The whole package almost turns this collection into a conceptual art book.

(P) can be ordered online at these sites:




Or if you happen to be in Taiwan, you’ll find the book at the popular Eslite Bookstores, as well as at some independent bookstores.






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